ECS 210

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Educational Philosophy

I Believe…

I believe in equality, every and all types of it. Whether this equality involves gender, class, sexual orientation, race or cultural differences. Everyone born into this world deserves equal rights and opportunities. I believe that being a teacher gives me the opportunity to fulfill the statement above. I believe that being a teacher is an occupation that for centuries has been in place in every society to give knowledge onto others giving them the tools to succeed in every possible way that they desire.

I am looking forward to not only being a North American teacher here in Regina, but also incorporating Indigenous way of knowing and different cultural teaching styles into my classroom.

I believe teachers are not only the people standing in front of classrooms across the world, but also our parents, our elders and anyone we will ever meet. Each and every person that I will encounter including my students will have some knowledge and lessons to pass down to me. I believe that we should all be humbled enough to accept the teachings of others. I believe that knowledge is more valuable then any other currency and we should treat it with the respect that it deserves.

Professional Development

In the future I look forward to attending workshops and presentations to further my knowledge in what it means to be a teacher and things I can do to better my teaching style.